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Order Food in Train at your seat

Now you can order your desired food in train online via Rail Rider and enjoy your train journey without worrying about Food availability on your way. Rail Rider growing e-catering service provider that connects Indian railways passengers with a number of restaurant brands Like Subwahy, Wah Ji Wah, Kathi Junction, Sigri restaurant & Chawla's food and enable you to taste their tasty food at your seat. Using you can order your breakfast, lunch & dinner meals in train at more than 180 Indian railways stations. You can therefore count us as a perfect solution to your eating worries while travelling. We offer food in train in an effortless and easy manner.

Why Opt for Rail Rider?

Food on trains at your convenience: Our food delivery in train concept emerges to deliver extremely hygienic food on the wheels. You can order North Indian Thali, South Indian Thali, Chinese, Italian, Punjabi, Gujarati, vegetarian, non- vegetarian, Momos, Gulab jaamun, Chole bhature, Dosa, Biryani, samosas and other fast food from more than 300 restaurants at 180+ India Railway Stations. The concept of food in train is introduced to make it on the go as we realize your busy schedules prevent you to plan ahead.

Excellent train food delivery service: We provide excellent train food delivery service without a miss despite the minimal time stoppages on the stations as we follow utmost precision. You order online in train and forget the rest just to get your meal on time as per your choice. Best part to order food in train is that you can enjoy your fresh yummy meal for long and if you are full you can keep aside and eat it later. This is somehow not possible with your homely food.

We care about the food you eat: We at Rail Rider maintain the quality of train food ordered through us. To give only the best service in the online food delivery in train service. Our chain of franchise in various stations will never disappoint you like usually it happens in local restaurants because of the change in staff. We ensure same quality, taste and service on all platforms around India.

Happy to help you: To take care of our valuable customers, we have a well trained team of customer service executives available 24/7 for your assistance regarding placing orders or tracking your food delivery in train, along with assisting you with any complaints or queries you might come with.

Ways to order food in Train via Rail Rider

  1. Enter PNR number or Train name/number, Select the Irctc station name at which you want to place, Select your food options, Pay securely using any of the payment modes & your food will be parcel to get delivered.
  2. You can simply call us on 9529181253.
  3. Request a callback through a small form (
  4. Using Rail Rider App.

Our Payment Options

  1. Net banking payment
  2. Credit card
  3. Debit card
  4. Via Paytm wallets
  5. And Cash on delivery (COD) too.

To your delight, our 180 + service Indian Railways stations with 25000+ Menu items, we have a range of Payment Options Available when looking at train food delivery service.

The Future of Our services

Currently we are serving through 180+ stations. Our aim is to expand our services to about 300+ stations across the country by the end of the year. We are already in talks with some of the giant food chains in India; very soon you will be getting your favorite food, from your favorite restaurants across India.

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