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Food Delivery on Trains by RailRider

Rail Rider ought to be your most trusted travel partner when you want to board a rail eliminating your travel blues with accurate information pertaining to your travel and an excellent service offering you food delivery in train at our selected stations.

Food in train at your convenience: To conclude the never ending stories of unhygienic food available in the trains, our food in train concept emerges to deliver extremely hygienic food on the wheels. Order food in train: To lessen your tension of getting home prepared food or to stop you from waiting for the train service crew, you can order food in train from your smart mobile app. The concept of food on train is introduced to make it on the go as we realize your busy schedules prevent you to plan ahead.

Excellent train food delivery service: As we are seasoned professionals pertaining to the information of trains and their arrivals, we provide excellent train food delivery service without a miss despite the minimal time stoppages on the stations as we follow utmost precision. You order online in train and forget the rest just to get your meal on time as per your choice.

To your delight, our 150 + service stations ensure train food delivery service at your chosen time with your favorite meal on board. We promise to be your perfect travel partner eliminating your travelling blues ensuring a pleasant journey all through.

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Why Rail Rider for Food Delivery in Train ?

We at Rail Rider maintain the quality of train food ordered through us. To give only the best service in the online food delivery in train service, we joined hands with only the best eateries and restaurants in the cities that are famous for the hygienic quality and freshness of the meals served. To take care of our valuable customers, we have well trained team of customer service executives available 24/7 for your assistance regarding placing order or tracking your food delivery in train, along with assisting you with any complaints or queries you might come with. To book your meal, you can simply log on our website or can call our customer care executive or simple request a callback through a small form.

The Future Of Our services

Currently we are serving through 100+ stations. Our aim is to expand our services to about 200+ stations across the country by the end of the year. We are already in talks with some of the giant food chains in India; very soon you will be getting your favorite food, from your favorite restaurants across India. So sit back, be relaxed, login at and place your order for fresh food in train while enjoying all the scenic beauty passing by.

To lessen your tension of getting home prepared food or to stop you from waiting for the train service crew, you can order food in train from your smart mobile app.The concept of food on train is introduced to make it on the go as we realize your busy schedules prevent you to plan ahead.

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