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Welcome to Rail Rider!

Are you planning for a long journey trip by train and worrying about food availability on your way? Don’t worry! Now you can order your desired food online at Rail Rider and it will be delivered at your seat.

For train journeys in India, you can count on Rail Rider as your personalized food delivery in train service. To get palatable train food prepared hygienically in train is the most bothering thing while taking train journey in India. We currently serve about 100+ stations, so while travelling we provide you the best option to get the meal of your choice delivered right on your seat. You can therefore count us as a perfect solution to your eating worries while travelling. We offer food in train in an effortless and easy manner.

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Why Opt For Rail Rider?

We at Rail Rider maintain the quality of train food ordered through us. To give only the best service in the online food delivery in train service, we joined hands with only the best eateries and restaurants in the cities that are famous for the hygienic quality and freshness of the meals served. To take care of our valuable customers, we have well trained team of customer service executives available 24/7 for your assistance regarding placing order or tracking your food delivery in train, along with assisting you with any complaints or queries you might come with. To book your meal, you can simply log on our website or can call our customer care executive or simple request a callback through a small form.

The Future Of Our services

Currently we are serving through 100+ stations. Our aim is to expand our services to about 200+ stations across the country by the end of the year. We are already in talks with some of the giant food chains in India; very soon you will be getting your favorite food, from your favorite restaurants across India. So sit back, be relaxed, login at and place your order for fresh food in train while enjoying all the scenic beauty passing by.

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Latest Orders

Vikas Kumar ordered food in at Bina
Sudhir ordered food in 14650/SARYUYAMUNA EXP at Chhapra
Mukesh ordered food in 14650/SARYUYAMUNA EXP at Chhapra
Rajeshwari ordered food in 22656/NZM TVC SF EXP at Madgaon
Jwala Prasad ordered food in 15159/SARNATH EXPRESS at Katni
Abhishek Gaurav ordered food in 14674/SHAHEED EXP at Ambala Cant
Parth Saraf ordered food in 24887/HW BME LINK EXP at Saharanpur
Apurva Raichura ordered food in 12294/ALD LTT DURONTO at Satna
Pallavi Tripathi ordered food in 12791/SC DNR EXPRESS at Betul
Mohit ordered food in 12410/GONDWANA EXPRES at Gwalior
Umesh ordered food in 22911/SHIPRA EXPRESS at Mughal Sarai
Umesh ordered food in 22911/SHIPRA EXPRESS at Satna
Nitin ordered food in 14659/DLI JSM EXPRESS at Alwar
Krishna Kumar Lal Das ordered food in 12947/AZIMABAD EXPRES at Kanpur
Abhinav ordered food in 12150/PPTA PUNE EXP at Bhusaval
Mithul ordered food in 12925/PASCHIM EXPRESS at Ratlam
Siddhesh Mukane ordered food in 22848/LTT VSKP SUP EX at Raipur
Abhishek Jain ordered food in 13185/GANGASAGAR EXP at Durgapur
Shyam ordered food in 12797/VENKATADRI EXP at Kacheguda
Kuldeep ordered food in 12472/SWARAJ EXPRESS at New Delhi
Dinesh ordered food in 14731/DLI FKA EXP at Ambala City
Vivek Jha ordered food in 12141/LTT PPTA EXPRES at Satna
Manish ordered food in 14708/RANAKPUR EXPRES at Surat
Akshit ordered food in 12030/SWARNA SHTBDI at Ludhiana
Amit ordered food in 12139/SEWAGRAM EXP at Nasik Road
Soni ordered food in 16508/JODHPUR EXPRESS at Kalyan
Vijay Sharma ordered food in 12903/GOLDENTEMPLE ML at Kota Jn
Vinod Virmani ordered food in 22943/PUNE INDORE EXP at Vasai Road
Swati ordered food in 17618/TAPOVAN EXP at Nasik Road
Abhinav Saxena ordered food in 12420/GOMTI EXPRESS at New Delhi
Nikita Saini ordered food in 01655/PUNE JBP SPL at Bhusaval
Debabrata Das ordered food in 12334/VIBHUTI EXPRESS at Patna
Rishi Kumar ordered food in 11069/TULSI EXPRESS at Bhopal Jn
Rajendra Babbar ordered food in 12821/DHAULI EXP at Bhubaneswar
Sampat ordered food in 14853/MARUDHAR EXPRES at Agra Fort
Nikita Saini ordered food in 01655/PUNE JBP SPL at Daund
Khushboo ordered food in 12621/TAMIL NADU EXP at Nagpur
Khushboo ordered food in at Nagpur
D Tarun ordered food in 12846/BHUBANESHWAR EX at Tirupati
Vivek Kumar ordered food in at Jaipur
C K Rajeshkumar ordered food in at Erode Junction
Abhay Jain ordered food in 18478/KALINGAUTKALEXP at Billaspur
S.p.dutta ordered food in 18048/VSG HOWRAH EXP at Visakhapatnam
Thirupurasundari ordered food in 22638/WEST COAST EXP at Erode Junction
Neelam Mehta ordered food in 14805/BARMER AC EXP at Vasai Road
Gaurav Raj ordered food in 12141/LTT PPTA EXPRES at Kalyan
Jay Pandit ordered food in 19116/BHUJ BDTS EXP at Vadodara
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