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The process of ordering food in trains has undergone a transformative evolution. Gone are the days when travelers had to rely on bland pantry car meals or wait for the next station to grab a quick snack. With the advent of technology, ordering food in train has become a seamless process, transforming the way we enjoy meals during our journeys.

In this era of digital convenience, we are serving as an authorized partner of IRCTC, emerging as a trailblazer in simplifying the process of ordering food during train journeys.

What sets us apart is our commitment to providing a user-friendly platform that redefines the entire experience. Passengers now have the seamless option to place food orders through various parameters such as station details, PNR, or train number or name, all effortlessly accessible through our intuitive and innovative app and website.

With a 4.3/5 rating from 19,000+ customers, we deliver quality meals, affordable prices, cashbacks, and diverse options. Our platform collaborates with top-quality restaurants for curated, hygienic choices.

This online food revolution enhances convenience by offering a variety of cuisines accessible from smartphones or online platforms. Our e-catering service ensures a hassle-free experience with discounts on favorite brands, redefining train food ordering for passengers.
The Convenience of Ordering Food in Train
Ordering food in train comes with a myriad of options for ordering that delectable train-time meal. The process, intricate in its simplicity, unfolds through various methods, each offering passengers a unique avenue to satisfy their gastronomic cravings.

From the classic approach of ordering directly at the station to the more modern and tech-savvy methods involving online platforms and mobile applications, the landscape of train food ordering is as diverse as the array of dishes it promises.

So, let's delve into the heart of these methods and unravel the threads that connect passengers to the delightful world of in-train food experiences.

1. Order from the pantry car

Trains often boast a dedicated pantry car, acting as a mobile kitchen to cater to the culinary needs of passengers on the go. Ordering from the pantry car involves a direct interaction with the onboard staff, where you can express your gastronomic desires and place your order.

The process unfolds with the pantry car staff presenting a menu card, granting you the opportunity to peruse the available options.

However, it's essential to note that the quality of fare served in the pantry car might not consistently meet high standards, and the range of choices could be somewhat restricted.

So, while the pantry car offers convenience, a discerning palate might seek alternative dining avenues for a more diverse and satisfying journey.

2. Order from e-catering services

E-catering services emerge as the foodie gateways, facilitating a seamless feast for train travelers. These platforms, acting as intermediaries between hungry passengers and an array of restaurants and food outlets, bring a kaleidoscope of dining options right to your seat. Through strategic partnerships with various establishments at diverse stations, these services offer a smorgasbord of culinary delights delivered straight to the train compartment.

Engaging with these foodie delights is a voyage that begins with downloading their dedicated apps or navigating their web domains. Once aboard the digital dining express, passengers input their PNR number, designate their train of choice, and navigate through a tempting array of options.

Among the notable players in the Indian e-catering realm are esteemed names like IRCTC e-catering, and we, with our ever-reliable services, promise a delectable journey through a plethora of palate-pleasing choices.
Order Delicious Food in Train with Options for All Dietary Preferences
In the ever-changing world of food choices, people are now picking what they eat based on ethics, health, and personal taste. Trains are catching up, offering more than just basic meals. They're adapting to diverse diets with special services.

One standout example is Jain food delivery, tailored to a specific community's dietary needs. It's not just about eating during travel; it's about making the journey tasty and accommodating for everyone passenger’s evolving food preferences.

- Veg Food Delivery in Train

Tired of worrying about finding good veg food during train journeys? We've got you covered! Say goodbye to the hassle and trust issues. With our veg food delivery, you can now easily access top-notch pure vegetarian meals right at your fingertips.

No more compromising on your vegetarian food choices! Our menu is packed with delicious options – from Veg Thali to Veg Biryani and tasty Chats & Snacks. It's all about enjoying your journey with worry-free, hygienic, and mouth-watering vegetarian meals.

We get it—finding reliable veg food options in train can be tough. But with us, you're tapping into the best veg restaurants out there. Elevate your train travel experience with our commitment to serving you the finest, most delicious veg meals. Trust us; your taste buds will thank you!

To order a Veg Thali or any other vegetarian dish you prefer, you can order through our website or mobile app. Another option is to send your food order to our WhatsApp number 7441111266. Simply choose the Veg Thali you wish to order, browse through the available restaurants, specify the quantity and mode of payment, and you will be all set to receive your Veg Thali delivered directly to your seat on the train as soon as you arrive at Ludhiana station.

- Jain Food Delivery in Train

Say goodbye to the struggle of finding Jain-friendly meals during your train journey, with our intuitive food in train delivery service, your trusted companion in ensuring a delectable and worry-free dining experience.

The struggle to find Jain food options on a train is now a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, passengers can place their orders, unlocking a seamless and efficient ordering process. Choose from a variety of mouth-watering Jain dishes, curated to cater specifically to your discerning palate.

Navigating through the culinary challenges that Jain travelers often face, our platform emerges as the beacon of convenience. Effortlessly browse through a diverse array of pure vegetarian options that strictly adhere to Jain dietary restrictions, ensuring that every meal is a harmonious blend of taste and tradition.

But our commitment doesn't stop at the ordering stage. We understand the importance of timely and reliable delivery. And so, our dedicated delivery system ensures that your chosen Jain delicacies are promptly delivered to your seat.

To order Jain Meals or any other dish you like, you can visit our website or use our mobile app. Another option is to send your food order to our WhatsApp number 7441111266. Simply choose the Jain Meals you want, select your preferred restaurant, indicate the quantity and mode of payment, and you will soon receive your Jain Meals delivered right to your seat on the train.

- Non-veg Food Delivery in Train

Are you a non-veg food lover looking to relish some delicious non-veg dishes on the train? You can now order a variety of non-veg treats like Chicken, Fish, and Mutton recipes during your train journey. We've teamed up with over 1000 restaurants all across India to offer you a diverse menu. And here's the best part – all our restaurant partners are FSSAI approved, ensuring top-notch hygiene while preparing and handling non-veg foods.

Embark on a tasty journey with us as we bring the delicious flavors of non-veg cuisine right to your train seat. If you're thinking about ordering non-veg food for your train ride, trust the authorized IRCTC E-Catering Partner, Railrider, for easy online non-veg food delivery on the train. Let the food adventure begin!

To order Non Veg Meals or any other dish you prefer, you can book from our website or use our mobile app. You can also send your food order to our WhatsApp number 7441111266. Simply choose the Non Veg Meals you desire, explore the restaurant options, specify the quantity and mode of payment, and you will soon receive your Non Veg Meals delivered straight to your seat on the train.

How to Order Food in Train with Us
With our user-friendly interface, ordering food becomes a breeze with the following straightforward steps:

  1. Download our mobile app from the Google Play Store or iOS app store. Or simply visit our website.
  2. Search by station, PNR number, or train number.
  3. You get a list of restaurants and various cuisines available in the chosen city.
  4. Choose your dish and the restaurant.
  5. Add the dish to the cart and proceed to checkout.
  6. Verify your PNR number, seat number, and contact details, like your email address and mobile number.
  7. Choose the mode of payment. You may opt either for UPI, net banking, a debit or credit card, or cash-on-delivery.
  8. Relax and enjoy the journey while we prepare your meal to be delivered right to your train seat.

You can choose to order food in train over a phone call

  1. Customers may place their food order over the phone as well. To place the order, just follow the following steps:
  2. Give a call to the phone number, +91 9910424299.
  3. Tell our customer care executives what you would like to have today.
  4. Share your journey details, like the train name or number, PNR number, and station name.

Sit back while we, the best app to order food in train, take care of the rest. The payment can be made through UPI or Cash on Delivery.

You can also order food in train through WhatsApp

Using the following simple steps, you can order food in train through Whatsapp within minutes:

  1. Save our WhatsApp Bot No. +91 7441111266 in your phone.
  2. Send “Hi” to this number. Send your ticket PNR number and follow the instructions.

We have tie-ups with a variety of restaurants and food outlets, ensuring that you have access to a wide range of food options. Our platform also offers live tracking of your food order, so you can know exactly when your food will be delivered.
Our Website as Your One-Stop-Solution
We are more than just a food-ordering app for train travel; we stand as a comprehensive suite of services poised to redefine the entire journey experience. Beyond the delightful convenience of ordering food, we encompass a spectrum of offerings designed to make train travel a seamless and enjoyable affair.

We act as a one-stop solution, seamlessly integrating various services to simplify the complexities associated with train journeys. From booking tickets to real-time train tracking and even providing the capability to cancel tickets, we are a multifaceted platform dedicated to ensuring that your train travel is not just easy and comfortable but truly hassle-free.

We’re your travel companion who go beyond the expected, creating an environment where the journey becomes as significant as the destination itself.

1. Ticket booking

As an authorized IRCTC partner, our app allows you to book train tickets hassle-free. Enter your travel details, choose a train, and make a secure payment—all without visiting the IRCTC website or standing in line at a ticket counter. Simple, convenient, and efficient.

2. Train tracking

Our platform allows you to track the status of your train in real time. This is especially useful if you are traveling on a long-distance train or if your train is delayed.

To track your train on our platform, simply enter your train PNR number. We will then show you the current location of your train, its estimated time of arrival at your destination station, and any delays that may be affecting your journey.

3. Ticket cancellation

We also make it easy to cancel train tickets. If you need to cancel your ticket for any reason, you can do so directly through the app.

To cancel a train ticket on our app or website, simply enter your train PNR number. We will then show you the cancellation charges and the refund amount that you will receive. Once you confirm the cancellation, we will process your request, and you will receive a refund within a few days.

In addition to food in train:

In addition to food in train and the above services, we also offer a number of other travel conveniences, such as:

  • PNR status check: You can check the status of your PNR on our platform to see if your ticket has been confirmed.
  • Train timetable: You can view the train timetable on our platform to see the schedule of trains between any two stations.
  • Fare enquiry: You can use our platform to check the fare for any train.
  • Seat availability check: You can use our platform to check the seat availability on any train.
  • Live station status: You can check the live status of any railway station on our platform to see if there are any delays or cancellations.
Benefits of Ordering Food in Train Online
How to order food in train is not just a question; it’s a challenge. However, when you have us at your service, the task seems smooth instead of challenging.

And so, choosing to place an order for food in train, online with us offers a variety of benefits, all of which add to a more relaxing and delightful experience.

1. Assured Convenience
Ordering food in train is all about unmatched convenience. Forget the hassle of carrying pre-packed meals or searching for food at stations. Just place an order, and you're free from the complexities of meal prep and station eateries. It's a simple act that transforms your journey into a stress-free and enjoyable experience, letting you focus on the ride, not the logistics of your meals.

In essence, the sheer ease of ordering food on a train becomes a catalyst for an overall enhanced travel experience, where the convenience extends beyond the act of ordering to create a journey that is truly stress-free and enjoyable.

2. Variety of Options
Imagine stepping into a world of possibilities when it comes to ordering food in train online. It's like unlocking a treasure chest filled with all kinds of delicious options. From local favorites that capture the essence of different regions to international cuisines that take your taste buds on a journey around the world, the menu becomes a colorful tapestry of flavors.

This culinary adventure turns the train journey into more than just a trip; it becomes an exploration of tastes and a celebration of diversity. Whether you're yearning for the comforting flavors of home or eager to try something entirely new, the choices are as vast and varied as the train tracks stretching out before you. It's not just about meal; it's an opportunity to savor a multitude of delicious experiences while traveling.

3. Quality Assurance
When you choose our platform for food in train delivery, you're opting for a commitment to top-notch quality and impeccable hygiene standards. From sourcing premium ingredients to presentation, our dedication to freshness ensures a delightful and secure culinary experience for passengers.

Each meal reflects our unwavering pursuit of excellence, making the act of ordering food on a train a reliable and quality-driven gastronomic adventure. It's more than just a meal; it's a journey marked by confidence in the safety and excellence of every bite.

4. Time Efficiency at Its Best
The act of ordering food in train transcends the mere satisfaction of hunger; it is akin to a strategic reclamation of one's valuable time. The days of enduring long queues and navigating bustling platforms in search of sustenance are a thing of the past. Instead, a few simple clicks suffice to usher in the convenience of having a delectable meal seamlessly delivered to the comfort of your seat.

This transformative convenience doesn't merely satiate your appetite; it metamorphoses your entire journey into a time-optimized oasis where comfort and leisure intertwine, elevating the overall travel experience to new heights of satisfaction and ease.It's not just about satisfying hunger; it's a strategic choice for added convenience, culinary exploration, quality assurance, and time efficiency.
Stations Where You Can Enjoy Onboard Food Delivery
Experience the joy of getting your favorite food delivered to your train seat, making your journey more fun. Make every station on your route a happy place for a memorable dining adventure onboard.

Prayagraj Jn
Kanpur Central
Nasik Road
Ambala Cant
Lucknow Nr
Sawai Madhopur
Transform Your Train Journeys with Us
How to order food in train is not just a question; it’s a challenge. But we live in the era of technology—in a world that moves quickly and where time is valuable. The food in train experience has never been better than it is now with us at your service. Not only is it convenient to order food while traveling now, but the process is also easy and time-efficient.

Choose our platform for train travel that goes beyond just food. It's not just a choice; it's a smart selection for a complete travel experience. Our user-friendly app integrates everything you need, from easy food orders to ticket booking, real-time train tracking, cancellations, and essential journey info. It's more than an app; it's a travel companion, making your journey not just about reaching a destination but an enjoyable experience.

So, why settle for the mundane when you can transcend the ordinary with the best app for ordering food on trains? Our innovative platform beckons you to elevate your train journey, promising not just sustenance but an exploration of diverse flavors, a celebration of variety, and a seamless blend of convenience and culinary delight.

The invitation is clear – download our app now, and embark on a culinary journey where every bite is a testament to the extraordinary, and every journey is an opportunity to savor the extraordinary. Your train adventure awaits, adorned with the promise of convenience, variety, and delightful flavors – all seamlessly curated by us.