15 Different Types of Trains of Indian Railways

Various type of trains runs on indian track ranging from SUB-URBs to RAJDHANI.

  1. Duronto the fastest luxury train

    Duronto train (2009 -present) is the fastest point to point non stop a train with the top speed of 150km/hr full ac train with meals and other services included in the ticket price.These trains are easily differentiated by their “green-yellow” passenger coaches.Duronto train have a special feature which makes difference, it has high-quality LHB(Linke Hofmann Busch) coaches with very good food quality and services.people traveling in Duronto feels it is quite different from normal Indian rails and has an amazing experience.
  2. Rajdhani the fastest speedy train

    Rajdhani express is the most prestigious class of train with lots of offer for passengers n today these trains are the essence of Indian railway with a top speed of(120-140 km/hr).Rajdhani as the name says it is the series of superfast passenger trains connecting the capital of India to the other capital of states and city.Rajdhani express has the exclusive feature of LHB COACHES which is cozy and comfortable.At present Indian railway introduce all new coaches “SWARNA” with all new Led lighting and auto janitor system with attractive n leisure train interior.
  3. Memu(Mainline electrical multiple units) trains

    Memu is the most passenger-friendly mode of conveyance for the masses for semi-urban and rural areas.Memu services are working presently in Mumbai (popular as Locals), Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad etc.This configuration of the train not only popular among commutator but also it is popular as a feeder train which connects to main lines.This type of services very popular among daily commutator for Reliability in services with very low fare In time service Vendor compartment to carry the daily market product and household appliances.
  4. Passenger train

    A passenger train is a train which runs between two cities or we can say Intercity train.The run length is usually long and usually, it stops at all station.A passenger train may consist of several coaches and locomotive.Slow passenger train aka intercity is slow trains which generally halt at the alternative station on its route convenient for getting off small town and villages.
  5. Suvidha train

    Suvidha train is a premium special train with Dynamic Fare pricing which stands for the fare component which may be increased with the subsequent bookings.Tickets shall be issued only for confirmed and Rac accommodation.advance reservation period is maximum 30 days and minimum 10 days.
  6. Holiday special train

    Holiday as the name says way to relax n enjoy free time so Indian railway provides special honeymoon and travel offer.Zones of Indian Railway are announcing various special trains to clear the extra rush of passengers during the different festival or extra rush season and holiday season.
  7. Shatabdi(super fast)train

    connect Metro cities with other cities important for tourism, pilgrimage or business. Shatabdi Express are day-trains and they return to the station of origin the same day with the maximum speed of 130 km/h.They are fully air-conditioned and of a much higher standard than most Indian trains. Shatabdi travelers are provided with bottled water, juice, coffee or tea, and meals relevant to the time of day of the journey.
  8. DMU(diesel multiple units) trains

    DMU is a multiple-unit train powered by onboard diesel engines composed of one or more carriages joined together, which when coupled to other multiple units can be controlled by a single driver.it has its own diesel engine built into it; this means they can start and stop quicker. DMUs are used to travel people back and forth between city centers and outer neighborhoods.
  9. Garib Rath(Poor people's chariot)

    Fast fully air-conditioned trains subsidized for poor people. It is no-frills air-conditioned train started by the Indian Railways in 2005 to provide optimize price air-conditioned long-distance travel to passengers who could not afford standard fares. In Garib Rath passengers are not provided free bedding or food. It is significantly slower than superfast train with an average speed of 130km/h.
  10. Trams

    Trams are shorter versions of trains. They have their tramways across and along with the roadways.trams were introduced in Kolkata, Mumbai etc . and the only operating electric tram running in Kolkata since 1902.There are 257 trams in India. of which 125 run daily on the Kolkata streets.The single-deck articulated cars can carry 200 passengers.
  11. Monorail

    As of now there is Mumbai Monorail and Pune Monorails in India. The monorail is the big project to expand the public transport where there are more working people and crowded.
  12. Metro Rail

    Delhi Metro and Kolkata Metro trains have become an increasing mode of travel in the busiest areas. Soon other states like Jaipur are following the same to decrease traffic and increase various travel.
  13. Luxury Trains

    These are sophisticated train travel meant for leisure holiday tours. They have a special travel circuit and touch on heritage spots and interesting tourist destinations. Some of them include the Maharajas Express, Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, etc. They provide the best ambiance that resembles the kings of olden times.
  14. Toy Trains

    The word called ‘toy train’ brings back childhood memories and thriving of joy rides. However, in India, these toy trains travel through the Indian Railway Lines going through historical places. To name a couple of them these include hill stations like Darjeeling Himalayan and Nilgiri Mountain Highway.
  15. Gatimaan Express

    It is semi high-speed train with a maximum speed of 160 km/h.that proposes to reduce traveling time between Delhi and Agra to 105 minutes.