Difference between RAC and Wait-Listed PNR Status?

People usually get confused between these two terms ‘RAC’ and ‘Waiting List’ in Train.

RAC shows you a certainty that you would be able to travel through the same train. By the time, the RAC ticket can be confirmed! And if it doesn’t, you can still board the train and travel through it while sharing the half seat with some other person.

On the other hand, if you have got a waiting list train ticket, then the chances of getting the ticket ‘Confirmed’ or ‘RAC’ would be measured based on the number of persons before you in the waiting list.

Like, if your number is at 5 in the ‘waiting list’, then to get a confirmed ticket, you’ll have to wait for those 4 seats to be confirmed or cancelled.

Note – If a confirmed ticket holder, cancels his booking for any reason, then the ticket would be allotted to RAC member.