What is PNR TQWL Status?

Sudden trip plans are always the best ones! And to make them more memorable and enjoy every single bit, it is crucial to plan everything right from the start of the journey to how would it end.

Checking out the train tickets availability and booking it might be the very first step you would do. To ease out your worries of ticket confirmation, the Indian Railways has made it easier with ‘Tatkal Booking System.’ Not every train tickets would be confirmed but a Tatkal Quota Waiting List would be created for the same.

The travelers who plan their immediate journey can take advantage of this waiting list named as TQWL. The good thing about TQWL is that if the Tatkal Ticket goes up, it directly gets confirmed. No RAC is generated for the same.

But once the chart is prepared, the chances of its confirmation go low as the GNWL is considered at priority over TQWL.

You can check out the Cancellation Policies of Tatkal Ticket here.