What is PNR RAC Status?

Are you confused about the term RAC or also known as ‘Reservation against Cancellation’?

Relax! To make it simpler for you to understand what exactly RAC means, we have come up with this brief description here.

‘RAC Ticket’ shows that the person can travel through the same train on the same date, but he won’t be able to own a seat on his name. He would have to either share his seat with some other people or travel while sitting, during the whole journey.

Moreover, he won’t be able to access the sleeper berth on the train while having a RAC Ticket Seat Number.

Well, the good news is that the RAC Tickets can be turned into confirmed tickets. As the RAC Seat Allotment Rules, the travelers can get their tickets confirmed after the creation of passenger’s charts.

In case, if you want to cancel your ticket, it can be done only until the 30 minutes before the departure of train. Usually, the half price of the fare can be refunded but if you want to have more information regarding the same, please check RAC Ticket Cancellation Charges and Rules here.