What if you book a train ticket online and get the reservation status as PQWL?

Well, PQWL signifies the ‘Pooled Quota Waiting List’. This is another type of waiting list which has lesser chances of confirmation. PQWL is shared by several stations and there is only one Pool throughout the entire journey.

When a traveler starts his/her journey from the originating station of the train and book the tickets to the station before terminating station, then the PQWL is generated.

In comparison to General Quota Waiting List, PQWL i.e. Pooled Quota Waiting List has less seats and less chances of confirmation.

Likewise, the GQWL, the tickets in the PQWL automatically gets cancelled if not confirmed, once the chart is prepared. Or the travelers themselves can cancel their tickets anytime and get the complete refund back into their respective bank accounts.