What is PNR Confirmed or CNF Status ?

No matter how earlier you plan to book your train tickets, you can’t deny the fact that nowadays, receiving the Railway Ticket PNR Status confirmation has become such a strenuous thing.

Millions of people travel through trains everyday in India. In such hectic schedules, people spare no chance to get their PNR Confirmation in hand as earlier as possible.

Thankfully, with the help of PNR CNF (PNR Confirmed) services, the people can know whether their tickets have been confirmed or not.

PNR which is also known as Passenger Name Record is a 10-digit number which is generated at the time of reservation. This PNR Number has some status which shows whether you have got your PNR Ticket Confirmed or not.

Well, CNF works as the good news for people.

It shows that your Train Tickets has been confirmed finally. It has been moved from the RAC/Waiting List to the Train Chart and you’ve got a valid seat in the train. PNR CNF guarantees you that now you can board the train on the given date of your reservation and travel with no more seat hassles.

In case, your PNR Status Confirmation Chances are low or you didn’t get any seat even after the preparation of train chart, the General Train Ticket Refund Rules will work for you.