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Indian Railways and IRCTC Seat-Map Layout for Sleeper(sl)

Check out Indian Railways Train Seat map layout & Numbering to know about your reserved seat for Sleeper(sl)
Seat-Map Layout for Sleeper(sl)

The most used and affordable type of coaches available in Indian railways is Sleeper class, at least for middle-class people in our country. It is understandable that not everyone could afford the fares of 1 st , 2 nd , or 3 rd Tier AC compartments of the railways, and that’s why there are more Sleeper classes in our train than AC coaches. The sleeper class is the most widely recognized coach on the Indian Railways, and generally, at least ten coaches of SL could be connected to most of the long-distance trains. These are general dozing coaches with three compartments over the width and two longways, without aerating and cooling. That is there is again 5 types of births available, and It conveys 72 travelers for every coach. For any more information in sleeper class, or booking a ticket in sleeper. click here.