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Indian Railways and IRCTC Seat-Map Layout for Chair Car(cc)

Check out Indian Railways Train Seat map layout & Numbering to know about your reserved seat for Chair Car(cc)
Seat-Map Layout for Chair Car(cc)

Chair car and Second seating have shortenings of CC and 2S in IRCTC online reservation gateway. Cc alludes to single seating framework in AC compartment though 2S is a similar seating framework without AC and have open windows compartment. At times individuals allude both the framework as Chair car in normal dialect. However, the fair is much high for a CC seat i.e chair car coaches by and large cost you 3 or 4 times the reasonable of 2S situate. Trains like Jan Shatabdi have both kinds of seats.You can see the atmosphere and conventionality distinction amongst CC and 2S in the pictures. The 2S class can have seat like seats with back help or basin write seats with little pushback. The latter is the advanced coaches normally found in Jan Shatabdi and some different trains. These are additionally called below average Chair car.