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Indian Railways and IRCTC Seat-Map Layout for 3-Tier AC(3a)

Check out Indian Railways Train Seat map layout & Numbering to know about your reserved seat for 3-Tier AC(3a)
Seat-Map Layout for 3-Tier AC(3a)

Air conditioning 3 Tier: or 3 rd Tier AC do have the capacity or births for 64 passengers to sit or sleep. Again, as the name suggests it is a full Air- conditioned coach but is less royal when compared to first class AC or second class AC. Or, as of more clear, we can say that it is similar to sleeper class in structure, but is Air-conditioned and of course more clean and better services.Similar in structure because, 3 rd Tier coaches also do have 5 kinds of births available which are lower birth, middle birth, upper birth, side-upper birth, and side- lower birth, That is Seats are generally orchestrated as in 2AC however with three levels over the width and two longways as before giving eight coves of eight. They are marginally less very much named, ordinarily no lamps or curtained off paths. Bedding is incorporated with ticket booking. It conveys 64 travelers for each mentor. And, most importantly it is quite a value for money when it comes to Air- conditioned railway ticket booking.