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Indian Railways and IRCTC Seat-Map Layout for 1-Tier AC Type-1(1a)

Check out Indian Railways Train Seat map layout & Numbering to know about your reserved seat for 1-Tier AC Type-1(1a)
Seat-Map Layout for 1-Tier AC Type-1(1a)

There are different types of coaches in our train based on the service, seat types and of course fares, and the most expensive of them are the 1 st Class AC coach. There are eight lodges (counting two cars or for two passengers) in the full AC First Class mentor and three lodges (counting one roadster or for one passenger) in the half AC First Class mentor. The mentor has an all-time attendant to help the travelers and take care of any issue they get to face. Bedding is incorporated with the ticket booking and also the charges are included, so you won’t have to pay any extra amount after the fare of the ticket for the bedding. The fully air-conditioned coaches and customized cabins for two and one passengers are available just on few trains only and also for well- known routes. Also, they can convey 18 travelers (full mentor) or 10 travelers (half mentor). The sleeper billets are amazingly wide and open. The mentors are covered, have dozing settlement and have security highlights like individual roadsters. But, also the fare of 1 st class AC’s are quite high when compared to seconds class AC or third tier AC.