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Live Train Status

To check Live Train Status or current running status enter train number and select station.

Track your live train running status

Figuring out how to spot your train whether it is late or on-time? Check it now with our live train tracking tool and obtain every single information about your train of accurate time of departure till the arrival.

Besides, we all know Indian railway has a huge network spread across whole nation, which makes spotting a particular train a bit difficult. But Rail Rider being a travel eatery agency has introduced their fine quality tracking system which drives complete train running status live in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Enter your train name or number.

Step 2: Enter originating station name.

Step 3: Enter journey date (dd-mm-yyyy).

Step 4: Click on Go

Get IRCTC Train running status in one click

By following above mentioned four simple steps you get your live train running status consisting of exact train location with details related to time of departure, arrival, train movements, diversions if any, train cancellations or rescheduling etc. as we don’t limit our customers to only time.

As Indian Railway Online Reservation system is passive, Rail Rider has taken a step forward to help you get relieved from rushing repeatedly to enquiry desk for your train status and to avoid waiting long for trains at the platform.

Check live train running status online

Rail Rider has made checking train running status damn easy i.e. with our user-friendly app you can check Live Train Running Status Online on your mobile. The two most important things to be noted while checking Live Train Status are "Last Reported Location" and "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) at upcoming stoppages". The "Last Reported Station" signifies the station based on which the current live train running status is determined and the "Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)" value conveys the expected time at which the trains are supposed to arrive at any of its upcoming stoppages.

It is important to note that while running train status updates typically arrive from all the stoppages; it is not necessary that train status live updates will arrive from all the intermediate stations.

According to Rail Rider, 85% of the live train status updates of the train from a particular station arrives with 8-10 mins of the train arriving/departing/crossing a station. For the remaining 15% of live train updates can range more than take more than that at times reaching to nearly an hour.

As we all know our Indian trains do recover time. So, the train delay at the upcoming stoppages may be less than what has been reported from last reported station. So please plan accordingly.

Where is my train?

You can also check running train status online using Indian Railway Enquiry Portal https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/ntes/ & follow the instructions as needed

Rail Rider App is easily accessible on any smart phone and is supported by all operating systems and platforms. We provide 24 hours’ assistance to all our customers and provide 100% satisfaction in all aspects by maintaining quality whether it is train food delivery service or any information related to rail. You can check this train from offical Indian Railway websites as well: their links as follows: https://enquiry.indianrail.gov.in/mntes/

NTES - Nation Train Enquiry System

Track your train running status with Rail Rider’s App

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