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Food Delivery in Train at Dwarka Railway Station

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We are discontinuing our Food Delivery Services for time being. Thanks

Kant Dinning Hall (closed Time - 3:00 Pm To 7 Pm)

( 11:00 - 23:30 )
Cuisine: North Indian, Chinese, Starter
Food Type: Veg
Minimum Order: 150 Rs
Delivery Charge: 0

Hot and delicious food in train at you seat on Dwarka railway station

1922 – Year of light for Dwarka Railway Station

The Dwarka railway station is a small railway station in Devbhoomi Dwarka district in Gujarat. The city of dwarka lies on Jamnagar-Okha metre gauge line which was inaugurated in 1922 by Jamnagar & Dwarka Railway. But then, in 1948 Jamnagar and Dwarka Railway was merged into Saurashtra Railway only to be later acquired by Western Railways. There are 2 platforms and 4 tracks which are up and running. It has standard type of structure of the railway station.

Simple like “Prasad” from the temple

The general population of Dwarka are extremely conventional and regard their qualities and traditions. They are very straightforward living and have preserved their ancientart and craft. Similarly, their cuisine is also very strict and rigidly vegetarian with lots of finger-licking food and varying in flavours and taste- ranging from sweet to sour and salt to spicy. They like to cook and eat traditional Gujarati food like dal, vegetables, and conventional snacks like khaman, dhokla etc. and desert like shira, lapsi, fruit raita also all general types of foods like Chinese, south indian, paneer and rest of food similar to country is available. If you ever want to get a taste of dwarka’s food, especially when your train’s about to travel through dwarka, then just remember Railrider. Railrider is your own convenient steward that can serve you home prepared food in a superb way by get-together exact data relating to your travel schedule and vanishing your food plan blues while voyaging. We have a few trusted accomplices at Dwarka that give high caliber, curated nourishment that is quite recently basically compelling. All you need to take mind is to arrange your food one hour before your train reaches Dwarka. You can essentially arrange food online by means of application or by site or by calling the client mind officials. You can either pay online through secure payment gateway or cash on delivery (COD). Try not to stress over delivery, as with respect to trains' arrival and departure time, we are knowledgeable about those facets. We never pass up a great opportunity for any station independent of station measure or the train stoppage time.