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19324 HBJ INDB INTERCITY Live Train Status

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19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY Train running status

Where is my train 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY now in india.

Train number 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY is a MAIL EXPRESS(Train Type) which runs between BHOPAL JN and INDORE JN BG Stations. It covers total journey of 134.54 miles / 217 Kilometers in just 4 Hour(s) 20 Mins and runs Daily.

19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY departs from BHOPAL JN at 17:15 and arrives INDORE JN BG at 21:35 Daily. it has total 7 stopping stations in its route including both origin and destination stations.

For 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY current running status use selection form given at top of the page. Enter the train name, select your journey station and journey date and hit Go to know BHOPAL JN to INDORE JN BG train live status. For example: If you are waiting for your train at DEWAS railway station and your date of journey as printed on your ticket is as of today. You will select your journey station as "DEWAS" and journey date as today’s and hit GO. It will give you 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY live train running status in brief mentioning list of stations, time of arrival or departure of each station.

Live Train Status of 19324 HBJ INDB INTERCITY at all railway stations

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Train No Train Name Starts From Ends At
# Station Name Arrival Departure Day
1 BPL BHOPAL JN First 17:15 1
2 BIH BAIRAGARH 17:45 17:46 1
3 SEH SEHORE 18:06 18:07 1
4 SJP SHUJALPUR 18:43 18:44 1
5 MKC MAKSI 19:32 19:33 1
6 DWX DEWAS 20:10 20:12 1
7 INDB INDORE JN BG 21:35 Last 1

Frequently Asked Questions about 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY

  1. What is 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY train running status / running days?
    19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY runs Daily between BHOPAL JN and INDORE JN BGStations on its respective timings.
  2. What is the time of departure and arrival of 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY from BHOPAL JN to INDORE JN BG?
    19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY from BHOPAL JN at 17:15 and arrives INDORE JN BG at 21:35 Daily.
  3. How much distance does 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY covers?
    19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY covers total distance of 217 Kilometers.
  4. What is the average speed of 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY?
    19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY runs at an average speed of 54 km/h.
  5. What is the total travelling time of 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY?
    19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY reaches its destination station in 4 Hour(s) 20 Mins.
  6. How many major stations are crossed by 19324-HBJ INDB INTERCITY?
    Kota Jan Shatabdi passes by 7 major stations i.e. BHOPAL JN(BPL), BAIRAGARH(BIH), SEHORE(SEH), SHUJALPUR(SJP), MAKSI(MKC), DEWAS(DWX), INDORE JN BG(INDB),
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  1. Bhopal Junction and Dewas
  2. Bhopal Junction and Maksi
  3. Bhopal Junction and Indore Junction Bg
  4. Bhopal Junction and Shujalpur
  5. Sehore and Indore Junction Bg
  6. Sehore and Maksi
  7. Shujalpur and Dewas
  8. Shujalpur and Indore Junction Bg
  9. Shujalpur and Maksi
  10. Dewas and Indore Junction Bg

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